Bonjour à tous,

Voici ma participation pour le projet de Yulia Ruditskaya.
en soutien à la Biélorussie.
(merci Monique Renault pour m’avoir parlé de ce projet❤)

Je poste son appel :
Dear Animators!

We are creating a collaborative animation to support Belarus and Belarusians in these unprecedented times. Thousands are arrested, tortured, and murdered. Belarusians have proven that they are the brave and honorable people that united to stop the genocide and horrific violence committed by the government and police against peaceful protesters in Belarus.

The colors of the protest are white and red. The white-red-white flag is a historical symbol of Belarus and became a symbol of peaceful protest and hope.

The idea is to create a collaborative animated film where every animator/animation director will make a 3-5 second clip – their interpretation of the white-red-white flag.

I will collect all the animations and edit them together into one animated collaborative film. Everyone who contributed will be credited.

We will showcase this work as a projection on the walls in Minsk, Belarus, and here in NYC to express international artistic solidarity with Belarusians and attract attention to these horrific and dramatic events.

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